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We are a provider of research / both quantitative and qualitative research / covering social science research, human science, public health science, public health, business administration, marketing, management, finance, accounting, medium-sized business management. And small, logistics and supply chain, production etc.

We give consultation and develop research at all levels (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate) in both Thai and English


  • Consultation and Research Work

    Research consultation at all levels (bachelor's, master's and doctoral)

  • Content Improve

    Improve and correct research problems that have not passed.

  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis using basic and advanced statistics with AMOS, LISREL, SPSS, STATA, GRETL, PLS.

  • Multivariat Analysis

    Elaborate Exploratory Factor Analysis, Analysis Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Structural Equation Model (SEM), Forecast statistics (such as Simple Exponential Smoothing, Holt's Two), One-Sample T-Test, Independent-Samples T-Test, Paired-Samples T-Test, One-Way Anova, Pearson Correlation, Linear Regression, Logistic Analysis, GLM, Partial Least Square (PLS), Panel Data Analysis, Multi-Level Analysis

  • Data Searching

    Reference searching services from textbooks, websites, various academic databases.

  • Business Plan

    Develop business plan (Business Plan), marketing plan (Marketing Plan), company research, such as surveying consumer opinions, surveying competitors for companies and businesses

  • Data Collection

    Data collection for quantitative data by using questionnaires or qualitative by conducting an interview for in-depth interview

  • Proof reading & Editing

    Proof reading (Proof reading & Editing) and Thai-English And English-Thai translation

  • Receive Key Information

    Receive key information from the questionnaire For those who want to analyze themselves

  • PowerPoint Presentation

    Making a PowerPoint Presentation for the class report page for teaching and learning